Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Duwamish Marina

This marina is very small and in an obscure location. It is on the south side of the river just upstream of the Duwamish Bridge. It is located on a marginally paved dead end road deep within an industrial wasteland of ironworks and marine construction. The marina itself is closed to the public. I was photographing from a bulkhead just west of the marina which is the only place where the road gives you a view of the river. This is not a destination spot for international tourism.


revdrron said...

I keep coming back to this shot… It speaks to me in ways tricky to put across. Perhaps it would be best to say thank you. Well done! Enjoy, ron

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Thanks Ron,

I wish I could find more places like this close enough. I was down in the same area a few days ago but didn't even stop to take out the camera. My photo work is kind of drying up. Having physical problems getting around which makes it hard to do photography. I had a dry period in 1980 which lasted 25 years. Unloaded all my Nikon gear on a guy who was doing missionary cinematographer in East Africa. I was glad to be rid of it since it had become sort of a burden. Felt like I needed to be out shooting all the time. Had other things I wanted to do.

Now that I am getting old and my body doesn't like traveling in a automobile traveling to a site for some shooting is a problem. It is sort of a trade off, some many miles traded for so many days of pain afterward. Most of my shooting is done within 10 miles of my residence.

Wish I had more stuff to post but looking through my files for the last two years the best stuff has already been posted.