Thursday, April 09, 2009

Swamp Scene

The last several images were taken in the same place where I first tested my e500 in April 2006. While this isn't really the same camera (there were two replacement e500 bodies under warranty) it is a return to the area where I first used a DSLR. Had some mishaps in this swamp, like the day I busted a pair of "can't bustem" Lee Dungaries by trying to leap over a wet place and going down on one knee into the muck fairly hard, kept the camera above my waist so there was no damage to the photo gear. The logs that look like you can walk on them are often in an advanced stage of decomposition and will not support your weight. The photo opportunities for nature freaks are there for the taking. I actually photographed a young man stalking through the brush with a DSLR and a long telephoto. I wasn't making much noise and I don't think he was aware of my presence.