Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Last Light at Duwamish Bridge

Election Day, just before sunset I was down in South Park at marina just east of the bridge. The storm had passed and the remaining clouds were dramatic. This isn't something over cooked in LightRoom, this is what it really looked like. I did use LR2.1 to recover the original look. Camera was e500 iso400 14-54mm ZD at 17mm f6.3 1/160th.

Water Tower at Sundown - Duwamish

These were taken on election day, Nov. 4, 2008 just a few minutes before the sun disappeared. I kept moving as the sun went down to get a better angle to shoot from. I was walking along a fence at marina in South Park and trying to get close enough to the river to see this tower which was obscured by some trees. It was a race with the sun to see if I could get up close to water before it disappeared. As I was moving the light kept changing, the result is several looks all taken just one or two minutes apart.