Monday, February 18, 2008


Another "life imitates art" shot. This time it is Thomas Eakins I have in mind but it could just as well have been Edward Hopper.

This is the plaza between Jackson and Yesler just east of 1st Av. The woman has just finished her lunch. The light falling on the paper bag is nice. I took perhaps 20 exposures of her over a period about about fifteen minutes.

I am speculating that this woman is Scandinavian but I can be fooled. She could also be Russian but I doubt it. Something about her hair and her clothing says Scandinavia. If she were a native of Seattle she would not be sitting alone in this plaza to eat her lunch. She would know better. Even with the police and neighborhood patrol crawling all over the place this is no place for a woman to be eating lunch alone.

The bicycle cops had just left when I started taking photos of her. I may post some shots of the cops and other people eating lunch later.