Saturday, June 13, 2009

girl with guitar

this girl reminds me a someone I knew forty years ago.

Seahurst beach isn't a place where pretty girls go to sit on the beach and play their guitars. That is Alki Point or Golden Gardens. Even there, the guitar part of the picture is a little bit odd. I occasionally see men playing a guitar on the beach, sitting alone, way off by themselves, just to practice. But this is first time i have seen a Varsity Cheer leader from Evergreen High School playing a guitar on any beach any where. And she was right at ground zero, the most populated and busy part of the this mile long beach. She was not making much music. I couldn't hear a sound above all the other background noise.

The light was perfect, ideal for portraits and I could not pass up an opportunity to use that light to light this subject. With an effective focal length of 600mm (35mm equiv) you don't need to stand close to the subject but she new she was being photographed, even with a hundred people milling around on the beach, a girl like her has built in radar which detects cameras pointed in her direction.

three amigos

shot an hour ago at seahurst beach