Sunday, May 10, 2009

iPod Man

A frustrating day with the cameras. Went back to some old haunts out of desperation and expected to come back with nothing. After several hours working my way south I did some hill walking in the park to get over it. This shot was a marginal intrusion on this man's privacy, as private as you can be with several hundred people standing around. After cropping it several different shapes I decided to go with wide

suit & tie

If you want to attract attention at the Pike Place Market all you need to do is come wearing a suit and tie. That will make you stand out. No other sort of clothing, no matter how bizarre, will attract attention because weird is normal. But a suit and tie is certainly going to make people look at you.

Homage to Rauschenberg

I posted this first with a frame and then it occurred to me that Rauschenberg would not have used a frame and after some thought I decided he was right.