Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Burnside Man - 1970

Burnside Man - 1970

West end of Burnside Bridge Portland Oregon. The photos were taken within a few minutes of "Two Pigeons". The man was willing to pose. I don't recall for sure but I think I walked with him to a cafe and paid for his breakfast.

Photos taken with a 200mm lens at f4-f5.6 at shutter speeds like 1/250th. The grain structure shows that the negs were sent to a photofinisher. Tri-X when processed in fresh developer with all baths at 68f had a much tighter grain structure. Tri-X was wonderful film once you learned how to use it.

Fire Control - Fort Casey ca. 1970

These were taken at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island.

Two Pigeons - ca. 1970

Two Pigeons

A very early photo, before I started processing my own b&w negatives.

It was taken looking down from the west end of the Burnside Bridge in Portland Oregon. Film was Tri-X and the lens was a 200mm.