Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lake Burien Park

Lake Burien Park isn't on a lake. The lake is several blocks away with no public access which is no big loss since Puget Sound is close by and the lake isn't much of anything more than a glorified pond.

On my way back from my walk I stopped at this little postage stamp park and hauled out the camera. Spotted this tree in a neighboring back yard and wondered how I was going to get it with the light which wasn't bright. The sun was visible through the overcast as a bright area in the middle of the clouds giving a very soft but directional source which is great for portraits of young women but a little flat for other subjects like trees.

Tried to violate some of the laws of physics on this one. 300mm shot hand held at 1/200th with the lens wide open at f4.5. The result was softness over all but the extremely out of focus foreground gives an illusion of sharpness to the subject.