Sunday, December 17, 2006


Fire Escape

This is actually the back side of a church located on 1st Ave and about 149th in down town Burien WA. I didn't bother to remember the name which didn't mean anything to me since I was only after a few shots of this wall with the windows and the white drain pipes and the wooden stairs.

I was moving around in the parking lot and after two dozen exposures some fellow wandered over all decked out in a faded flannel shirt and work pants with a cell phone attached to his ear and a boy kind of hanging in the wings (it was saturday) and after terminating his phone call he opened with the classic line: "Can I help you?" and I answered "Yeah" giving it exactly the intonation used by black soldier with the tiger tooth necklace at the Do Long Bridge when Capt. Willard asked him "do you know who’s in command here?".

I'm getting a little tired of being asked why I am taking photographs. Seems like a really dumb question. The security guards at the coast guard station were a lot nicer about it than this fellow at the church. Figures that someone you meet in a church parking lot on a saturday afternoon will be nasty.