Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Two Birch

This was captured at the east end of the White Center baseball park. The telephoto was extended to about 270mm (35MM equiv.) and the aperture was F5 so the trees in the foreground are well separated from the background.

The sensor in my D-SLR is 4/3 format which gives more depth of field than a full frame 35mm but far less than my fixed-lens 12X zoom with a 1/2.5 sensor. When I first started shooting with the fixed-lens ultra zoom I was puzzled by this since I hadn't really gone to the trouble to figure on the impact of a sub-miniature sensor. After some thinking about it I recalled years ago working 4/5 view and 5/7 studio cameras which at times required F64 to get things into focus.

For technical treatment of depth of this issue see: Depth of Field.