Thursday, November 19, 2009

shade tree

This is a different version of Between The Rains when the sun was behind a thin cloud layer. It changes the mood substantially, softens the shadows and I thought it was worth posting.


Henk Peter said...

It's good to go back now and then.
What a beautyful image Clay! I like this composition better than the version Between The Rains.
Have you printed this?

Warm greetings,

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Hello Henk,

Thanks for the complement. I agree with you, this comp is better.

Didn't I see you posting on MyFourThirds? I think you told me about that forum. Thats where I do most of my posting now.

Thanks again,


Henk Peter said...

Hi Clay,

Yes, you did see me post at MFT.
When an image really touches me I leave a comment. I like the high quality of the images and comments posted there.

Take care,