Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fishing Boat #19101 - Fishermans' Wharf


Henk Peter said...

Good to see you posting again Clay, I wondered if you had gone fishing. :)

Again a nice series, 2 and 3 my favorites just because I like simple compositions. #3 for the humor too, it's like the whale is going for the hole.

Merry Christmas and take care.

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Thanks Henk,

I have been dealing with the worst and longest snow storm that Seattle has seen in a decade or two. It just didn't go away and not owning one of those SUVs I was stuck at the top of a 200 foot driveway above a street that was coated with glare ice.

Perhaps next week I will get to do some shooting if the rain lets up.

BTW, I was in agreement with your critical judgement on the fisherman series and pulled it until I have time to rework the PP. I am starting to back off on Bill Turner's favorite PP a little. Moving back toward a more literal rendering. That "extreme" look wears thin after a while.

Merry Christmas