Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Peruvian Pan Pipe

A well dressed street musician in the market alley just up the hill from Pike Place same location as Moto Guzzi. This fellow brought everything except a PA system which he needed since you could not hear him above the general noise of the people in the open air shops and sidewalk cafes. He was selling CD's and taking donations but he didn't project an image of dire straits.

To get a set up for a shot I backed up against the brick wall pulled out my Gossen Multibeam and took an incident reading which at ISO200 was 125th at f5.6. I tried shooting from the cafe across the alley but there was too much foot traffic so after a few test shots I went back to the wall and shot from there. Hand holding at 125th about 150mm is somewhat like shooting bulls eye at 25 yards with a Glock 9mm.

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