Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday Morning

The faded blue denim looks good against all the old brick. I figured this guy was probably a Mariners fan who arrived early for the game and decided to catch a few rays in a quite spot near the stadium. This shot was taken one block south of SkidRoad (Yesler) just west of Post Alley. The street wasn't busy, I was shooting standing in the middle of the street and from the alley. I stood off zoomed out to 300mm to keep from being intrusive. He knew I was shooting but didn't seem to give a damn.


Chris Walker said...

Mr B
I greatly appreciate your photos of people on the street, in the sense that this is where they are when you photograph them, and, by the looks of it, that this is where some of these folk live.

I'm intrigued by what leads you to take these photos. Would you care to elaborate?


C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Hi Chris,

It's an old habit. My first job in highschool was down on First Ave in the Colman Building which was a few blocks north of Pioneer Square and Skid Road. I was a file clerk and worked swing shift and during my "lunch" break I would wander around down on the water front. Skid Road is a slang expression for Yesler street which was used to haul logs down the wharf. It is in the middle of the tavern district and a traditional hang out for street people.

I have been going down there on and off for over 40 years not just to take photographs, there was a 25 year period between 1980 and 2005 that I didn't even own a camera.

Why do I take pictures of street people? I don't know, it is not intended to be a social statement or anything like that.