Thursday, June 08, 2006


More Homage to Edward Hopper


revdrron said...

OK, what’s the enigmatic connection between the vent and the Hopper Homepage? BTW: I like the big vent! Something must be in need of a lot of fresh air! This whopping vent reminds me of the constructive need that I often hold to express my feelings or emotions. I can hardly imagine being vent-less!

enjoy, ron

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

What is this, a comment?

Hi Ron,

I just looked through my Hopper book and didn't find anything just like this but he did some roofs in the city. I think that this vent reminds me more of his boats than his roofs. The white on blue of course is very "costal" and even though there is no water in view I can just taste the salt in the air looking at this. In the real world it is the vent from the paint booth in the high school auto shop. But who cares about the real world?

My photography is kind of drying up. This happens now and then. Summer is a dull time for Photos in Seattle the light isn't great in the summer. Sun is too high. Had some nice clouds over the sound today but nothing in the foreground.